Community policing is an effective way to keep the community safe.The Mankato Department of Public Safety is asking for your help in finding Mankato's Most Wanted. If you know the whereabouts of any of these people, please do not approach them. Call 911.

Mankato Area 24-hour Crime Solvers Tipline (507) 345-1023 . Call 911 if you know where the person is right now or email

mankato most wanted criminalsBrian Michael Chavez
Report InformationAge:     27
Eyes:     Brown
Height:      6'03"
Weight:     235
Last Known Address:     Mankato MN
Charge(s):     FTA/Felony Domestic Assault
Published: 6/20/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsMark Anthony Johnson
Report InformationAge:     27
Eyes:     Brown
Height:     6'
Weight:     164
Last Known Address:     Mankato, MN
Charge(s):     Failure to appear/second degree assault/driving while under the influence/theft/possess small amount of marijuana
Published: 6/20/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsBuay David Duol
Report InformationAge:      19
Eyes:     Brown
Height:     5'08"
Weight:     150
Last Known Address:     Mankato MN
Charge(s):     Robbery 1st Degree/Kidnapping/False Imprisonment
Published: 6/20/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsDavid James Baker
Report Information**Captured**
Age:          24
Eyes:         Hazel
Height:       5'11"
Weight:      155 lbs
Last Known Address:    Mankato, MN
Charge(s):   Stalking/Terroristic Threats/Domestic Assault
Published: 5/6/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsAntonio Marco Vasquez
Report InformationAge:      39
Eyes:    Brown
Height:  5'08"
Weight:  250
Last Known Address:  San Antonio, Texas
Charge(s):  Fail to Appear/Terroristic Threats
Published: 2/29/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsKeisha Latrice Ross
Report InformationAge:       37
Eyes:     Brown
Height:  5'03" 
Weight: 210
Last known sddress:  Minneapolis, MN
Charge(s):  Fail to appear/possess pistol assault weapon conviction delinquent crime of fiolence
Published: 2/4/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsJalen Tyrice Dorsey
Report Information**Captured**
Age:    22
Eyes:    Brown
Height:    5' 06"
Weight:    120
Last Known Address:  Mankato,MN
Charge(s): Domestic assault/domestic sssault by strangulation/false imprisonment
Published: 1/4/2016
mankato most wanted criminalsSaud Rashid A Al Qahtani
Report InformationAge:      24
Eyes:     Brown
Height:   5'06"
Weight:   135
Last known address:   Mankato
Charge(s):   Fail to appear/second degree assault/third degree assault/fifth degree assault
Published: 11/19/2015
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