Mankato Recreation



Here you can find information on the parks within the Mankato Area. Click on a Park Feature to view parks with that feature or select a park from the list.
 Park Features
mankato park Artwork or Ampitheatermankato park Baseball Fieldsmankato park Basketball Courts
mankato park Beach Areamankato park Campingmankato park Canoeing
mankato park Cross Country Skiingmankato park Dog Recreation Areamankato park Fishing
mankato park Flower/Rain Garden(s)mankato park Hiking/Trailsmankato park Nature Center/Intrepretation
mankato park Neighborhood Park Playfieldmankato park Passive Green Spacemankato park Picnic Facilities
mankato park Playground Equipmentmankato park Restroomsmankato park Shelters
mankato park Shelters with Electricitymankato park Skating Rinksmankato park Softball Fields
mankato park Swimmingmankato park Tennis Courtsmankato park Volleyball
mankato park Zoo
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 Mankato Parks
Mankato Parks with Picnic Facilities
mankato park Alexander Parkmankato park Bicyle Motorcross (BMX)mankato park Bienapfl Park
mankato park Buscher Parkmankato park Columbia Parkmankato park Country Club Park
mankato park Erlandson Parkmankato park Emerson Parkmankato park Franklin Rogers Park
mankato park Heritage Estatesmankato park Highland Parkmankato park Hiniker Pond
mankato park Jaycee Parkmankato park Kiwanis Recreation Areamankato park Land of Memories Park
mankato park Lion's Parkmankato park Peacepipe Parkmankato park Rasmussen Woods
mankato park Sibley Parkmankato park Tourtelotte Parkmankato park Washington Park
mankato park West Mankato Parkmankato park Willard Parkway
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