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House, Bottle:$18.00, Glass: $5.00
Smoking Loon Unoaked, California Bottle;$21.00, Glass: $6.00
Bogle Vineyards, California Bottle: $24.00, Glass: $7.00
McManis,California Bottle:$28.00, Glass: $8.00
Sauvignon Blanc
House, Bottle:$18.00, Glass:$5.00
Kim Crawford, New Zealand, Bottle:$28.00, Glass:$8.00
Anakena, Chile, Bottle: $21.00, Glass:$6.00
Peter Yealands, New Zealand, Bottle:$24.00, Glass:$7.00
Pinot Grigio
House, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $5.00
Chateau St. Michelle Bottle Only: $28.00
Mezzacorona, Italy, Bottle:$21.00, Glass:$6.00
Voga, Italy, Bottle: $24.00, Glass: $7.00

House, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $5.00
Barnard Griffin, Washington, Bottle Only: $24.00
Dr L-Loosen, Germany, Bottle Only: $28.00
Joseph Frederich Piesporter Michelsberg ,Germany, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $6.00
House, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $5.00
Robertson, South Africa, Bottle:$21.00, Glass$6.00
Wolf, Germany, Bottle Only: $28.00
Other Great Whites
House White Zinfandel, Bottle:$18.00, Glass:$5.00
Forest Glen White Merlot, California, Bottle:$21.00, Glass:$6.00
Josef Friederich Liebfraumilch, Germany, Bottle:$18.00, Glass: $5.00
Kikkoman Plum, California, Bottle:$18.00, Glass: $5.00
House Moscato, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $5.00
Jean-Luc Colombo Dry Rose, France, Bottle: $21.00, Glass: $6.00
Sparkling Wine
Casa Di Rocco Moscato D'Asti, Italy, $24.00, Bottle Only
Napoleon Extra Dry, California, $18.00, Bottle Only
Spago Nero Prosecco 200 mil bottle, Italy, $ 6.00, Bottle Only
Verdi Peach Sparkletini, Italy, $18.00 Bottle Only
Saracco_Moscato D'Asti, Italy, $24.00 Bottle Only
Non Alcoholic
Fre White Zinfandel Bottle: $16.00, Glass: $5.00
Ariel Chardonnay Bottle: $16.00, Glass: $5.00
Minnesota Wines
Chankaska Riesling, Kasota, Bottle Only: $26.00
Chankaska Marquette, Kasota, Bottle Only: $32.00
Morgan Creek Mist, Cambria, Bottle: $21.00, Glass: $6.00
Morgan Creek Fox Run, Cambria, Bottle:21.00, Glass:$6.00
Morgan Creek Redtail Ridge, Cambria, Bottle Only: $24.00
Morgan Creek Colure, Cambria, Bottle Only: $21.00
Cabernet Sauvignon
House, Bottle:$18.00, Glass:$5.00
Smoking Loon, California, Bottle:,$21.00, Glass: $6.00
The Crusher Cabernet, California, Bottle: $24.00, Glass: $7.00
Project Paso Cabernet, California, Bottle: $26.00, Glass: $8.00
Justin Paso Robles Cabernet, California, Bottle Only: $46.00
House, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $5.00
Smoking Loon, California, Bottle:$21.00, Glass:$6.00
Bogle, California, Bottle Only: $26.00
McManis, California, Bottle Only:$26.00
Hahn Estates, California, Bottle Only: $28.00

Pinot Noir
House, Bottle: $18.00, Glass: $5.00
Trapiche, Argentina, Bottle: $21.00, Glass: $6.00
The Crusher, California, Bottle: $24.00, Glass: $7.00
Montinore Willamette, Oregon, Bottle Only: $32.00
Erath, Oregon, Bottle Only: $34.00
House, Bottle:$18.00, Glass:$6.00
Gnarly Head, California, Bottle: $24.00, Glass: $7.00
Bogle,California, Bottle Only:$26.00
Plungerhead, California, Bottle Only: $28.00
Shiraz/Syrah/Petite Sirah
House, Bottle:$18.00, Glass:$6.00
Pennywise Petite Sirah, California, Bottle:$21.00, Glass:$7.00
Milton Park Shiraz Bottle Only: $24.00
McManis, California, Bottle Only:$26.00
Molly Dooker The Boxer Shiraz, Australia, Bottle Only: $46.00
Other Great Reds
House Red Blend, Bottle:$18.00, Glass:$5.00
Casillero del Diablo Carmenere, Chile, Bottle: $21.00, Glass: $6.00
Roccadelle Macie Sangiovese, Italy, Bottle Only: $21.00
Chateau Talon Bordeaux, France, Bottle Only: $24.00
Jean-Luc Colombo Cotes Du Rhone, France, Bottle Only:$24.00
Our Daily Red (organic sulfite free),California, Bottle Only: $21.00
Protocolo-Temperanillo, Spain, Bottle:$21.00, Glass:$6.00
Ruffino- Chianti, Italy, Bottle:$21.00, Glass:$6.00
Trapiche, Malbec, Argentina, Bottle: $21.00 Glass: $6.00
Alamos Red Blend, Argentina, Bottle: $24.00, Glass: $7.00
the Top of the Rack
Ponzi Pinot Noir, Oregon, Bottle only: $62.00
Evenstad Pinot Noir, Oregon, Bottle only: $83.00
Duck Horn Cabernet, California, Bottle only: $60.00
Chateau Montelian Napa Cabernet, California, Bottle only:$89.00
Justin Isosceles Red Blend, California, Bottle only: $99.00
Stags Leap Artimis Cabernet, California, Bottle only: $99.00

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