Why a Cruise?
A cruise ship is like a five star hotel with constantly changing views.
There are cruises available for any budget.
Visit 4 different countries in a week.
No packing-unpacking-packing-unpacking-packing.
A resort just sits there, but a cruise will move you.
On some cruise ships, kids sail free!
You don't need to make dinner reservations.
For the health conscious, low calorie, low sodium and heart-healthy meals are available.
Travel to over 1800 ports around the world.
Cruising is like being on a floating island with lots of fun things to do.
On a cruise ship, your luggage arrives in your room before you do.
You don't have to bring a tuxedo. A nice shirt and dress pants is all that is required in the formal dining room.
For men who do not want to wear a suit and tie, there is always the Lido deck for optional dining.
Rejuvenate mind, body and spirit in the shipboard spa.
Do everything, or nothing at all.

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